I-MOVE Physical Activity Courses

Build some wellness into your week and get credit for getting fit! The I-MOVE program provides credit-bearing courses in a wide range of health-related and physical activity areas to ANY students across Syracuse University. Courses in 50+ activities are offered each semester in yoga, dance, cardio fitness, swim, sports, outdoor adventures, core training, Zumba, and many more.

We saved you a spot! Unlike drop-in classes, you don’t need to make reservations week-to-week. Classes span a full or half semester, so you can mix up your activity as much as you want. Courses are inclusive to all skill, experience, and physical ability levels.

I-MOVE courses are more than just an exercise class; they teach students the importance and benefits of physical activity, how to build it into their lives, and how to motivate others. Courses in Water Safety Instruction, and Lifeguarding include Red Cross Certification training, testing, and cards/certificates.

How to I Sign Up?

Search MySlice for courses with the PED and DAP prefixes – these will show you every I-MOVE class offered each semester (including course for the Dance Appreciation and Practice Minor)

Types of Courses

Five students stand on their toes with their arms in the air during a dance class

Dance: Dance technique, choreography, history, and appreciation courses including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Latin/Salsa Dance, Swing Dance, Tap, Belly dance, Social Ballroom, and more! Students can combine several of these classes with a course in safety or nutrition to get a Dance Minor.

Play: Sports courses including Fencing, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and Curling. Want to try something new? Courses providing experience and overviews of either Team or Individual/Duo sports are also offered.

Recharge: Calming, focusing, recharging movement courses including several varieties and levels of Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi.

Swim: Aquatics courses including Scuba, Underwater Photography, Lifeguarding, Snorkeling, Water Safety Instruction (WSI), several levels of Swimming, Aqua-fitness, and Zumba aquatics.

Mark Nanni leads students and faculty in a yoga sessionTeach: Learn not only how to get fit, but how to lead. Courses to help you further your fitness career including Water Safety Instruction (WSI), Becoming a Personal Trainer, and Becoming a Group Exercise Instructor. Students can also complete a coaching minor or coaching license that will qualify them to coach K-12 sports in New York State.

Train: Training and group fitness courses include Bootcamp Fitness, Individualized Fitness, Pilates, Zumba, Aerobic Dance, Boxing for Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing, Weight Training, Karate, Self Defense for Women, Figure Skating, Core Training, Tabata, and Running for Fitness.

Trek: Hiking and Backpacking courses include both local excursions, and trips to the Adirondacks and other areas of New York State. Other courses include Skiing, Snowshoeing, and Adventure Activities.

Questions? Contact

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