Muscle Biology Laboratory

The Muscle Biology Laboratory, located in the Institute for Sensory Research on Syracuse University’s South Campus, is directed by Keith DeRuisseau. The primary focus of the lab centers on the role of oxidative stress in mediating skeletal muscle adaptations to prolonged disuse, aging, and pharmacological agents.


  • Chemical fume hood
  • Refrigeration chamber
  • -80 freezer
  • Cryostat
  • BioTek tunable microplate reader
  • Tissue homogenizing equipment
  • Sonicator
  • BioRad gel electrophoresis equipment
  • Water bath
  • Stirring hotplate
  • Equipment for assessment of in vitro muscle contractile function
  • Nikon fluorescence microscope
  • Micro hybridization oven
  • Dry-bath incubator

Core Muscle Biology Laboratory Faculty

Keith DeRuisseau, Associate Professor and Chair|315.443.9698
Keith DeRuisseau