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Katie Berrell speaks about her uncle during a ceremony at the Place of Remembrance

Katie Berrell: A Scholar’s Special Journey Through Remembrance

Original story for SU News by Kelly Homan Rodoski Even though he passed away nearly a decade before she was born, Steven Russell Berrell has always been a strong presence in the life of his niece, Katie, a Syracuse University senior. His smile radiates from the family pictures in her home, and from the pin...
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Marvin and Helaine Lender

Marvin ’63 and Helaine ’65 Lender Establish Multidisciplinary Center for Social Justice with $5 Million Gift

Syracuse University alumnus Marvin Lender ’63 and his wife Helaine (Gold) ’65 have turned their lifelong commitment to social justice and greater understanding among people into the establishment of a multidisciplinary center, managed and housed in the School of Education. The couple is providing a generous $4.8 million gift in support of the creation of...
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$1 Million gift to the School of Education will support scholarships for Study Abroad

The School of Education at Syracuse University has received a $1,000,000 gift to be used over the next five years to support students who study abroad and to further develop signature global education programs. The Himan Brown Charitable Trust of New York, NY presented the School of Education the gift in honor of Professor Corinne...
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