Meet Sibling Students Jack and Ellie Legg

Orange families are a special part of the Syracuse University story. However, until a few years ago, Jack and Ellie Legg, from Skaneateles, NY, may not have had an opportunity to be part of that legacy. Now, Jack is a sophomore at Syracuse, enrolled in InclusiveU. Ellie ’20 is a first year master’s student in inclusive early childhood and special education and works for InclusiveU supporting the Peer2Peer program. Meet these remarkable siblings and learn how they are changing the culture of higher education.

Jack: I would love to be a coach for younger kids. I chose Syracuse because I have been in love with the basketball team since I been a little kid. I really like all of my classes because I am interested in all of them. For example, my team sport and individual sport class taught me how to teach new sports and I met a lot of similar minded people.

Ellie: I chose this major because I love working with kids and specifcally kids with disabilities. And I chose Syracuse because the inclusive program is the only program like it in the country and it perfectly fts my own beliefs and my own methods of teaching. I have enjoyed all of my classes at the School of Ed because each professor brings a different perspective of teaching to the classroom. They have challenged me, while also giving me the confdence I need to be successful in the classroom.

Jack: We have a close relationship; we always do stuff together and I love hanging out with her because she is a great sibling to have.

Ellie: I love having him here at school; I love our Monday night dinners. There’s more chance for us to go to games together, more chances to see each other on campus which is always fun. You feel more connected when you have something shared outside of being at home.

Ellie & Jack: We attended the [Orange Central] sign-making event before the Clemson vs. ’Cuse football game last fall. We really enjoyed that event because we were able to hang out with our mutual friends and professors at the SOE. We also couldn’t miss an opportunity to hang out with Otto the Orange! InclusiveU events are open to any SOE student and their families, making it a great opportunity for our parents to meet our friends and professors.

Ellie: My favorite thing about Jack Legg is his sense of humor. He’s so quick witted.

Jack: And my favorite thing about Ellen Legg is that she is so nice and down to earth. And she respects each, she respects everyone equally.

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