Jeffery Mangram Appointed Provost’s Faculty Fellow

Vice Chancellor and Provost Michele G. Wheatly has appointed Jeffery Mangram as a Provost’s Faculty Fellow. In his new role, Mangram will further advance the curriculum for the Inclusive Teaching faculty development workshop, building upon the inclusive teaching workshop delivered this summer and fall for faculty teaching in the First-Year Experience anchor courses. Mangram will broaden these workshops to include faculty in all schools and colleges.

Jeffrey Mangram “Jeff has made significant contributions already to the campus-wide effort to revamp the First-Year Experience and to help our faculty effectively create inclusive classrooms,” says Wheatly. “Our office has been working with faculty on parallel tracks, implementing a new curriculum for this fall and designing one for the long term, to go into effect in the fall of 2019 as well as supporting our faculty as we intensely focus on diversity and inclusion. The new curriculum is being designed to transcend all colleges and schools, support student success, and to contribute to a campus culture that is engaged, respectful, inclusive and inspiring. Jeff will be an integral part of how we continue to support instructors developing their capacity for inclusive teaching during the fall semester 2018 and spring semester 2019.”

Mangram, who earned his doctoral degree in teaching and leadership at Syracuse University in 2006, is an associate professor in the School of Education (SOE), specializing in urban education and media literacy, and co-director of the media and education master’s degree program, offered jointly by SOE and the Newhouse School.

Mangram holds a B.A. in policy studies/political studies and an M.S. in social studies education, both from Syracuse University. In 2003, he was a finalist for the New York State Teacher of the Year Award, with an exceptional record as a social studies teacher.

“I am excited about this opportunity to continue engaging the faculty around inclusive teaching,” says Mangram. “The faculty we have worked with thus far seem enthused and appreciative about having other faculty members to discuss such matters as equity, access and diversity. This is for faculty, by faculty. We, the faculty, are the leaders in this endeavor, engaging these issues in a very serious and sobering manner. I am eager to see how the process evolves.”

Mangram will work closely with Marie Garland, executive director of the Center for Faculty Leadership and Professional Development, and Martha Diede, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, as well as with partners across campus.

Original story by SU News