Doctoral Assistantships in Teaching & Leadership

Doctoral Assistantships

in Special, Science, and Mathematics Education & Teaching and Curriculum

Supporting cutting edge research, teaching, and learning experiences for exceptional doctoral students.

Graduate Assistantships for Special Education, Science Education, Mathematics Education, and Teaching & Curriculum doctoral students are available for high quality applicants starting their program in Fall 2020! A one-year teaching or research assistantship in the Department of Teaching & Leadership includes:

  • Sharon Dotger leads students in a science lesson studyAn annual $20,100 stipend
  • 24 credit hours of tuition—valued at over $40,000
  • University health/benefits package
  • Opportunity to renew this assistantship and benefits for up to four years for over $250,000 in total support!
  • Special Education doctoral students can also participate in the Project INCLUDE federal grant program!

Contact us to learn how intensive teaching and research opportunities—with full financial support for four years—can advance your professional career!

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