Brand Guide and Logo Downloads

The brands of Syracuse University and the School of Education are meant to not only use a single visual identity to cohesively communicate about the University, but also connect to the experiences and emotions of faculty, staff, students, alumni, families, community members, and more.

A more detailed guide to SOE and SU brand use, variations, and don’ts is available for faculty and staff on the SOE Public G drive under Branding Communications. If you do not have access to this folder, contact the SOE Technology Support Group at

A Note on Trademarks

Syracuse University holds the trademark and licensing rights to a variety of names, logos, and images associated with the University. Permission for using these trademarks (including the Syracuse University name, logo, seal, Otto’s image, ‘CUSE, and more) on items such as t-shirts, pens, folders, giveaways, and outside publications must be obtained from the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Syracuse University and School of Education Visual Identity

Visual identity includes the logos, colors, and fonts used in University and School materials including but not limited to brochures, pamphlets, booklets, posters, fliers, memos, letters, forms, business cards, email, and electronic communications. These materials are created and used by departments and offices within the school, and should retain some consistency about the Syracuse University and School brands.

This includes use of the Syracuse University School of Education logo:

  • Orange & Dark Grey Logo on White (preferred logo)
  • White Logo on Syracuse Orange
  • Orange & White Logo on Extra Dark Gray

School of Education logos on white, orange, and dark gray

Download the SOE logo kit

These logos adhere to the same guidelines as the Syracuse University wordmark. School of Education materials should also adhere to the color usage and accessibility guidelines for the University brand, with the addition of School of Education blue:

  • PMS: 312 C
  • CMYK: 86/4/14/0
  • RGB: 0/174/210


The official typeface of Syracuse University is called Sherman. The serif and sans-serif versions of Sherman are available on all SU owned computers and for download.

When creating materials that may be sent or accessed electronically by people outside of main University computers, Trebuchet MS should be used. This is the font in the School of Education document templates. When in doubt, default to using Trebuchet MS for maximum accessibility, usability, and legibility. Trebuchet MS is also the standard for Syracuse email messages and signatures.

Documents and Templates

  • School of Education electronic letterhead templates: available on G:\SOE\SOE PUBLIC\BRANDING_COMMUNICATIONS. For electronic document use ONLY. If you do not have access to this folder, contact the SOE Technology Support Group at
  • University PowerPoint templates
  • Items such as business cards, letterhead, and envelopes have been standardized for the School of Education and can be ordered by department administrative staff from Dupli, SU’s official print partner, through eProcurement on MySlice. They can also help with printing of other materials (posters, handouts, labels, etc.) once your department has worked with MCE on branding and design.

Departments, Centers, and Other Programs

Departments, offices, and select other programs can use a “tertiary” configuration of the School of Education logo that includes their department name.

Certain centers, institutes, and other programs housed under the School of Education can still call for a logo under the main Syracuse University identity. They are not available for SOE departments, academic programs/majors, or individuals.

Copies of these logos for qualifying departments, programs, and centers are available on the SOE Public G Drive. Contact MCE for additional possible department/center logos. These logos are held to the same color, sizing, and usage standards as the School of Education logo.