Jewish Education Minor

The minor in Jewish Education gives students the tools to work as educators in Jewish congregational schools, camps, community centers, and youth organizations.

This minor in the Department of Teaching and Leadership offers students in any major at Syracuse a background in both Jewish history and culture, and a foundation in teaching and instruction. The minor provides opportunities for internships and hands-on experience in the community. While a minor in Jewish education does not provide teacher certification, coursework from the minor can be useful prerequisites when applying to graduate certification programs. The minor requirements overlap with and most easily fit into the program slots for majors in the School of Education and the College of Arts & Sciences.

Minor Requirements

The Jewish Education minor requires 22-24 credits, including 5-7 required courses depending on your major, and 3 electives in Judaic studies. Classes include Judaism, the Bible, the Hebrew language, teaching, and inclusive schools. School of Education students are able to substitute their required methods courses for some of these requirements. Students who spend a semester at Tel Aviv University with Syracuse Abroad complete the Hebrew requirement and all 5 of the Jewish Studies course requirements while abroad. All students also complete at least one internship in a Jewish educational setting. More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.

Declaring a Minor

If you are interesting in declaring a minor, talk to your advisor in your home school or college to see if you have enough room for the courses, a minimum of a 2.8 GPA, and complete the Minor Declaration Form. Students should also write a 1-2 page statement on why they would like to declare a Jewish Education minor. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Services or the Jewish Education minor program coordinator.

Program Contact

Corinne Smith, Professor Emerita
Corinne Smith