Media & Education, M.A.

Program Requirements

The master’s program in Media and Education requires 36 graduate credits, and is designed to be completed in one calendar year of full-time study, summer to summer (except for the second summer, which is part time).

In this program, students take a core of required courses in schooling and popular culture, media production, and research. You’ll also choose electives based on your personal and professional interests, in close collaboration with your advisors, in visual media, education, cultural studies, public communications, and more. Each semester will also include a colloquium in media and education that helps students bring together the varied knowledge from other coursework. Coursework areas may include:

  • Gender, Education and Culture
  • Short-form Media Production
  • History of Education in the United States
  • Media and Diversity
  • Youth, Schooling and Popular Culture
  • Language, Culture, and Society

You will cap your degree program with a comprehensive media and education capstone project. More information on academic requirements available in the Syracuse University Course Catalog.