High Needs Area Scholarships

The High Needs Scholarship is available for students who start through the spring 2021 semester. Students matriculating summer 2021 and later will instead receive the SOE 50% Master’s and C.A.S. Scholarships.

The High Needs Scholarship Program assists students who enroll full-time into School of Education Master of Science (M.S.) programs in the high-needs areas of Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Inclusive Special Education and TELL. The High Needs Scholarship Program offers eligible graduate students funding covering 25% of the student’s tuition to help fund professionals in these critical areas.

High Needs Areas Master’s Programs:

Eligible students are contacted each semester by email and/or letter. If you have any questions or concerns about the High Needs Scholarship, please contact Speranza Migliore.

Speranza Migliore, Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment|315.443.2505

Scholarships are awarded and credited to student bursar accounts typically within two weeks after the University financial drop deadline and before the first billing statement for that semester is sent out. There will be no cash refunds or payouts. The scholarship does not cover tuition for undergraduate courses, even if required as a prerequisite condition of full admission into the master’s program. The value of the High Needs Scholarship is based on the tuition for the total number of credit hours for which the student is registered minus the value of any outside scholarships/funding.


  • Students must formally be admitted and matriculated into a qualifying M.S. program listed above, and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward that degree, which includes attaining and maintaining a 3.0 cumulative grade point average by the end of the second semester.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time (9 credits in the fall or spring, or 6 credits in summer). Part-time students are eligible if they are also Syracuse City School District employees.
  • Students are eligible for only one School of Education percentage scholarship – the High Needs Area Scholarship, Orange Alumni Scholarship, and/or the Orange Family Scholarship cannot be combined. This scholarship is not available to full-time SU employees, spouses, or partners; these persons are instead eligible for remitted tuition benefits.
  • Students who matriculate into the Early Childhood Special Education M.S. beginning in summer 2019 are not eligible for the High Needs Area scholarship because of program-specific funding.