Transportation Information & Guidelines

The School of Education provides transportation to many area school districts through the Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public & Community Service. The buses will pick up and drop off along College Place on the SU Hill. South campus residents can use the Syracuse University 344 Shuttle Bus to get to College Place.

The School of Education assumes responsibility for:

  • Securing appropriate placements with qualified professionals for our students.
  • Providing students with information about their placement site (travel directions, etc).
  • Providing a University Transportation System for students who need transportation to the field.

The student is responsible for:

  • Being on time to field placements and/or university transportation route times.
  • Reviewing the transportation choices available and making his/her own arrangements for transportation.

Students may choose between:

  • Taking university-provided transportation. If students miss the bus they are still required to be at the field placement, but are then responsible to provide their own transportation and assume the cost. Please note that taxi costs will not be reimbursed except in the case of school delays – please review the delay and cancellation guidelines on your district’s transportation information page.
  • Making her/his own arrangements. This includes using personal vehicles, walking, biking, taking the Centro bus, paying for a taxi, etc.

Syracuse University’s policy regarding the use of personal vehicles is that they should be used only on a voluntary basis. Students opting to make their own arrangements are expected to assume financial responsibility for getting to and from their assigned school/agency. Owners/drivers must provide their own insurance coverage; all student participants choosing to ride or transport others in a private automobile do so voluntarily and at their own risk. The University does not provide any insurance and does not assume any liability for students making their own transportation arrangements.

Spring 2019 Bus Routes

The university provides transportation for placements in the Spring 2019 semester in Roxboro Road Elementary and Middle School, Solvay Elementary and High School, select schools within the Jamesville-Dewitt School District, and the following schools in the Syracuse City School District:

  • Bellevue Heights
  • Clary Middle School
  • Corcoran High School
  • Dr. King Elementary
  • Dr. Weeks Elementary
  • Danforth Magnet School
  • Ed Smith K-8 @ Levy
  • PSLA @ Fowler High School
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Frazer K-8
  • Grant Middle School
  • Henninger High School
  • Hughes Elementary
  • Huntington K-8
  • HW Smith K-8
  • Institute of Technology
  • Jowonio School
  • Lyncourt K-8
  • LeMoyne Elementary
  • Lincoln Middle School
  • McKinley-Brighton
  • Nottingham High School
  • Roberts K-8
  • Porter Elementary
  • Syracuse Academy of Sciences
  • Salem Hyde Elementary
  • Westside Academy @ Blodgett
  • Van Duyn Elementary

For the dates that the Shaw Center does not operate, a separate bus specifically for SOE students needing to be in field placements will be in operation.  Schedules will be sent directly to students as well as being posted on Blackboard.

If you are a student in the School of Education (SOE) who is assigned to a field placements at a school listed above and choose to use university transportation for the semester, you are required to register at the Shaw Center. Please submit a request at least two working days before your placement begins. You are not allowed on the bus unless you have filled out a request form and your name is on the bus driver’s list.

Request Instructions

  • Log into OrgSync using your Net ID and password. If you have not already, set up your personal profile
  • Use the “Search for Anything” field near the beginning of the page. Search for “Shaw Center” and choose “Shaw Center Transportation Request Form”
  • Read all instructions and fields carefully, complete the form, and submit.

If you have questions about the form itself, please contact the Shaw Center at shawcenter@syr.eduPlease be respectful and professional in all of your interactions with the staff at the Shaw Center. Once the Request Form is completed, you will receive instructions/directions regarding responsibilities, how to access the schedule, and emergency safety information.

To the extent possible, times for drop off and pickup will be consistent and will meet your specific timeframe; however, with the numbers of students from around campus using this service the scheduled times may vary, especially site pick-ups as the semester progresses. If you have questions or concerns about transportation after completing the forms and receiving instructions, please contact the Shaw Center.

Bus Procedure

  • Check the schedule on Blackboard the evening before each day you will be riding in order to confirm the schedule times. It is your responsibility to keep track of the variations to the bus schedule so that you arrive at College Place and outside of your school on time. The schedule is posted and updated daily; you can also check the pick-up time when you get on the bus.
  • You will pick up the bus on College Place in front of Sims Hall. There is a “Shaw Center / Say Yes / SOE” bus stop sign on the curb. Students must present their SU student ID when boarding the bus.
  • You need to arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time from College Place and from your school. The bus will not wait beyond the scheduled departure time and the bus will not come back to get people who are late.
  • If you miss the bus, you are still required to be at your field placement. You are then responsible to provide your own transportation and assume the cost.
  • If you miss the bus in the morning, the bus assumes that you are not in your placement. Therefore, you are responsible for contacting the Shaw Center and letting them know that a pick-up at your site is still needed. If you do not contact the Shaw Center, you will not be picked up at your site.
  • Students will need to make a plan ahead of time with other students from their same class for when snow-delays happen.

What happens when school is closed or delayed due to snow or cold?

School closed: buses will not run.

School delay (1 or 2 hours): buses will not operate the morning portion of the route, but will operate the later portions of the run. Students who are scheduled to be transported (based on the regular schedule) after the time posted on Blackboard as the “SCSD School Delay Start Time” will use the transportation system to get to their field placement schools. If your regularly scheduled pickup time is before the SCSD School Delay Start Time posted on Blackboard:

  • Students going to all-day placements (and their College Place pick-up time has been canceled because of the delay) will be responsible for finding their own alternate transportation to placement on snow delay days.
  • For these snow-delay days only, students who do not have alternate transportation can pay for a taxi/Uber/etc to get them to and from their placement. Students may be reimbursed for the taxi on these days only if they:
    • have carpooled in the taxi with ALL students in their class going to the same school.
    • have a receipt. It is the student’s responsibility to get and save a receipt and bring it to Thomas Bull, 174 Huntington Hall to process the reimbursement.
  • Students who have morning half-day placements will do go to placement that day. We will treat this like a 1/2-day snow day. You will need to let the teachers you are working with know this ahead of time.
  • Buses will pick up from schools on the regular schedule in the afternoon.
  • SU students going to placement for the entire day (and their College Place pick-up time has been cancelled because of the delay) will be responsible for finding their own alternate transportation to placement on snow-delay days. Students may be reimbursed for the taxi on these days only if: 1) they have carpooled in the taxi with ALL students in their class going to the same school, and 2) have a receipt.
  • There will be NO placements for students who go for only the morning on snow delays.  We will treat this like a 1/2-day snow day. SU students who were supposed to go for a morning half-day will not go to placement that day. You will need to let the teachers you are working with know this ahead of time.

South Campus Residents

South campus residents can use the Syracuse University Shuttle Bus to get to College Place in time for their pick-ups. You can find more information on the 344 South Campus bus and other SU shuttles on the Centro Website.


About transportation after completing the forms and receiving instructions:
Shaw Center: or 315-443-3051

About your field placement:

Thomas Bull, Assistant Teaching Professor; Director of Field Relations|315.440.2183
Thomas Bull
Amie Redmond, Senior Assistant Dean, Academic and Student Services|315-443-2506
Amie Redmond