Student Athlete Guidelines

School of Education Responsibilities

  • Provide field placements that meet the requirements for the academic programs and state regulations.
  • Given the significant demands on time for student-athletes (and other tightly scheduled students), geographic location of placements will be a consideration and where possible accommodations will be made to ease in the travel/transition time.
  • Provide a university transportation system to field placements for students who need transportation.
  • Given that students complete the required field experience hours, field placement calendars will be reasonably adjusted for university excused absences (e.g., medical reasons, religious observations, athletic competition), but these should be planned in advance whenever possible.

School & Field Partner Responsibilities

  • Host and mentor student-athletes as emerging education professionals without prejudice or favoritism, as with all students. Strict rules govern student-athlete participation in community service and merchandising; violations jeopardize the student and his or her team’s eligibility. Please contact the Office of Athletic Compliance for information or requests.
  • Abide by the following regulations:
    • Autographs/Tickets/Merchandise: NCAA rules require that all autograph/ticket/merchandise requests are reviewed by Athletic Compliance and receive the approval of the Director of Athletics or his designee in writing. As a result, our school/field partners are asked to work through Athletics to make such a request. Inquiries should be made to Athletic Compliance to process the proper paperwork. Otherwise, athletes should not provide autographs as part of an academic-related experience.
    • Media: Student athlete participation in academic-related experience media coverage is prohibited unless coordinated through school district representatives and Athletic Compliance.

Student-Athlete Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for communicating schedule conflicts and their need for schedule adaptations prior to the beginning of the semester to the following parties in the School of Education:
    • Senior Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Services
    • Placement Coordinator
    • Instructor of their course connected with the field placement.
    • Mentor Teacher
    • Field Supervisor (if applicable)
  • As athletic schedules change (for example for NCAA tournaments) student-athletes are responsible to communicate their schedule changes with the above parties.
  • Make up any required field placement time that has been missed due to athletic conflicts.
  • Adhere to the above NCAA guidelines in regards to autographs, tickets, merchandise, and media.