Mandated Reporting Requirements

The teacher preparation program in the School of Education appreciates the responsibility of school systems to establish the standards of classroom management and training within the limits imposed by normal legal and ethical considerations.

In support of this responsibility, its values and constraints, in student teaching situations are expressly prohibited from engaging in all forms of aversive conditioning or use of corporal punishment. Use by others of these procedures at your site does not in any way change this prohibition regarding your own use. Furthermore, you should inform the university supervisor if, at any time, you observe instances of what could be considered verbal or physical abuse of students by another adult at your site.

In addition, any personnel serving in a caregiving or professional capacity working with children and youth under the age of 18 are required by law to make a formal report to Child Protective Services for any suspected instance of child abuse based upon either physical signs (bruises, etc.) or verbal statements made by a child about abuse. Teachers are mandated to report, and there are severe legal penalties for failure to do so. If you suspect that a child is being or has been abused by a family member, acquaintance, school staff, or stranger, you must do three things within 24 hours:

  1. Report your suspicions to the cooperating teacher and make a statement in writing about what you saw/heard.
  2. Call Tom Bull, Director of Field Relations at 315-440-2183 to report your suspicions to the university.
  3. If you cannot reach him within 24 hours, call your advisor.

Regardless of what your school decides to do, a university faculty member must be informed so that we can make a responsible decision ourselves given your involvement, and ours.