Keith DeRuisseau

Keith DeRuisseau
Associate Professor and Chair
Phone: 315.443.9698
Address: 203 Women's Building


  • Ph.D. Florida State University Movement Sciences
  • B.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst Exercise Science
  • M.S. University of Massachusetts, Amherst Exercise Science

Research & Scholarship

The DeRuisseau lab focuses on the role of oxidative stress and stress proteins in mediating adaptations of skeletal muscle to disuse and aging. The primary objective of the lab is to conduct experiments designed to minimize adverse effects of disuse and aging on skeletal muscle function. Muscle adaptations are studied at the tissue level utilizing a variety of biochemical, histochemical, and molecular biology techniques. The lab is also equipped to investigate in situ and in vitro skeletal muscle force production and fatigue properties. Professor DeRuisseau is currently funded by the National Institutes of Health to study how skeletal muscle iron accumulation may contribute to aging-associated muscle mass loss and dysfunction.

Recent Publications

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