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Page 1 Questions: Required Course Descriptions and Student Data

Courses you will automatically be enrolled in for the Fall 2013 semester.

  • EDU 101 First Year Forum (1 credit)
    First Year Forum is an opportunity for first-year students in the School of Education to participate in a small, seminar-like class with a professor and other new students. You will have the chance to develop closer relationships with your peers and a faculty member. Discussions focus on new student issues, your goals, and how to maximize your educational growth at Syracuse University.
  • PPE 177 Introduction to Health & Physical Education (3 credits) The history and evolution of health & physical education. Principles underlying changes in concepts in health, physical education and contemporary issues and professional involvement.

In addition, you will take the following course unless you have already taken it, or have AP or SUPA credit for it (if you think you have credit for this course, you can tell us about it on page 2 of your FTES).

  • BIO 121 General Biology (4 credits)
    Fundamental characteristics of life from the molecular level to the ecological community. General principles applicable to many forms of life. One lecture, one discussion period, and four hours of individualized instruction, including laboratory.
  • MAT 121 Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts I ** (4 credits)
    Teaches probability and statistics by focusing on data and reasoning. Includes displaying data, probability models, and distribution.
    MAT 221 Elementary Probability and Statistics I** (4 credits)
    For students in fields that emphasize quantitative methods. Probability, design of experiments, sampling theory, introduction of computers for data management, evaluation of methods, and estimation of parameters.
    **Your math placement will let us know which course you are most qualified for.
  • PSY 205 Foundations of Human Behavior (3 credits)
    Fundamental principles of mental life and human behavior. Significance of psychology in human relationships and self-understanding.
  • WRT 105 Studio 1: Practices of Academic Writing (3 credits)
    Study and practice of writing processes, including critical reading, collaboration, revision, editing, and the use of technologies. Focuses on the aims, strategies, and conventions of academic prose, especially analysis and argumentation.

Page 1: Required Courses and Student Data

  1. How will I register for fall classes? What if I want to make a change after I have submitted my form?

    As you may recall from the emailed letter that was sent to you on May 17, you are assigned an advisor who you can contact if you have questions or concerns. Be sure to contact either Pam Hachey or Carol Radin in the Academic and Student Services Office to talk through your concerns. Remember too, that you will meet with your faculty advisor for the first time on opening weekend and can discuss and make changes to your schedule if necessary. At that time you will be able to go online and make your own schedule adjustments. The schedule adjustment period begins Saturday, August 24, continues through the first week of classes, and ends Tuesday, September 3.

  2. How can I be sure I am in the correct program in the School of Education?

    Each page of the FTES lists the program you have been admitted into. If the Health and Physical Education program is not correct, please contact Pam or Carol as soon as possible, as this will have an impact on the courses you choose for your first semester. They can be reached at 1-800-295-1106, which is the number listed on page 1 of your FTES in the ‘Resources’ section.

  3. Do I take the Math Placement Exam and the Foreign Language Placement Exams?

    Math Placement Exam: All students in the Health and Physical Education program are required to take the math placement exam, (even if you have AP or college credit for math). Please note that you must take this exam no later than June 10. To do so, click on the Placement Exams link on Page 1 of your FTES. Because math in particular is required for completion of the FTES form, it is best to take the exam well before June 10. The FTES form cannot be submitted until the math placement scores are displayed on the form, so be sure to do this important step several days before the deadline. After taking the online math placement exam, the math courses you are eligible to take will pop up on the bottom of page 1, under the heading MATH. Check the math course that is appropriate for you by following the directions under that heading.

    Language Placement Exam: Health and Physical Education program students must meet a ‘Foreign Language Verification’, which can be met by either having 3 years/levels of the same language in high school OR by taking a college language course. You will hear more about this later in your college program. If you wish to take a college language, you will need to take a placement exam first. Placement exam information for German, French, Hebrew, Italian, or Spanish can be found at the Ready, Set, SU website Placement exams for all other languages will be offered on Friday, August 23, beginning at 4:30 p.m. and ending at 6:15 p.m. in H. B. Crouse Hall (HBC).

  4. Are there Placement Exams in other languages?

    Placement exams for languages other than German, Spanish, French, Hebrew, and Italian will be offered over Opening Weekend. You will receive a Syracuse Welcome book in mid-June which has specific dates, times and locations for these exams. International students will receive a hard copy when they arrive on campus. The Syracuse Welcome book can be found at theReady, Set, SU Website in mid-June. All students planning to continue in Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Russian, or any South Asian language should take a placement exam during the times indicated. Students who require disability-related accommodations on placement exams should contact the Office of Disability Services in advance at 315-443-4498.

  5. What courses should I take if I am in the Honors Program?

    If you have been admitted to the Renee Crown University Honors Program, please refer to the special supplemental online registration information on your FTES page. Please wait to make your final selection of courses until you read this material. If you have questions about selecting Honors courses, call 1-800-295-2537 and ask to speak to Hanna Richardson.

  6. How do I register for Special Categories?

    Syracuse University Marching Band (SUMB) “The Pride of the Orange.”

    If you are interested in participating in “The Pride of the Orange,” Syracuse University Marching Band, please contact the band office at 315.443.2194 or e-mail Fran Moore. If you have informed the band office of your interest in the SUMB, then no other action needs to be taken other than registering. All members are required to attend band camp the week before classes begin. Rehearsals averaging six hours per week (three evenings, two hours each) occur during the fall semester. You are required to register for Marching Band (ENI 510) for one credit. If you are at a maximum credit load, your college will contact the band office for consent.

    Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

    The Army ROTC meets for two academic hours, two leadership lab hours and three physical fitness hours each week, and the Air Force meets for three academic and three physical fitness hours each week. Army ROTC program consists of a combination of credit and non-credit courses. AFROTC courses can be taken for credit or noncredit. Army ROTC offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full tuition and fees at Syracuse, as well as monthly stipends. Air Force ROTC also offers merit-based scholarships that pay for full or partial tuition and fees, and gives each recipient a monthly stipend. In addition, all Army and Air Force scholarship winners receive an annual $9,500 Leadership Award from the University that can be applied to their room and board fees.

    Find the Special Categories area on the Course Selection Sheet. Under ROTC, mark an X in the appropriate box, either Air Force or Army.

  7. What are the required courses for my program?

    • EDU 101: First Year Forum
      Every first-year student takes EDU 101. This is a one-credit course designed to orient students to the University and to the resources in the School of Education.
    • PPE 177 Introduction to Health and Physical Education
      Every Health and Physical Education student must take this class. This 3-credit course discusses the history and evolution of health & physical education. Principles underlying changes in concepts in health, physical education and contemporary issues and professional involvement; will provide information on selected topics in the field of exercise science. Topics include: exercise physiology, the mechanics of human motion, motor behavior, and sports psychology.
    • And one of the following:
      • WRT 105 Studio 1: Academic Writing
        This 3-credit course is the study and practice ofwriting processes, including critical reading, collaboration, revision, editing, and the use of technologies. The courses focuses on the aims, strategies, and conventions of academic prose, especially analysis and argumentation. All incoming students (unless entering with AP or college credit) are required to take this course.
      • ENL(for non-native speakers of English)
        All international students (officially, non-resident aliens) will be initially registered for ENL 211, Composition for Non-Native Speakers of English (equivalent to WRT 105).

        • International students from non-English speaking countries are required to take the English Language Assessment Exam (dates and times listed below), and may place into ENL 201, ENL 201/202, ENL 207, ENL 211, or WRT 105.
        • International students from English-speaking countries, whose first language is indeed English, are not required to take the English Language Assessment Exam. Pam or Carol will make the necessary schedule adjustment to drop ENL 211 and add the appropriate composition (writing) course.

        The English Language Assessment Exam will be offered on three days, August 20, 21, and 23 from 9 a.m. to noon in Gifford Auditorium. Bring a #2 pencil and your SU Identification card or your SCIS Clearance form. If you have questions, contact the Lillian and Emanuel Slutzker Center for International Services at 315-443-2457 or Margo Sampson, ESOL Language Coordinator.