Transportation Guidelines

The School of Education at Syracuse University is proud of its field-based professional preparation programs.  Throughout our programs, students are provided with a number of placements in area schools/agencies working with qualified professionals. 

Because of the importance of the field placements, as well as the distance of some of the placements, it is important that we clearly communicate our policies regarding transportation to all involved parties.

The School of Education assumes responsibility for:

  • Securing appropriate placements with qualified professionals for our students.
  • Providing students with information about their placement site (travel directions, etc).
  • Providing a University Transportation System for students who need transportation to the field.

The University Transportation System involves university-sponsored buses and vans. These buses run routes from SU to schools where School of Education students have field placements. 

View specific information about bus routes and times by school district

The buses will leave from College Place take students to their schools, pick their students up at their schools, and drop students off at the end of placement back at College Place.

The SU student is responsible for:

  • Being on time to field placements and/or university transportation route times.
  • Reviewing the transportation choices available and making his/her own arrangements for transportation.

Students may choose between:

  • Taking university-provided transportation
  • Making her/his own arrangements. (This includes using personal vehicles, walking, biking, taking the Centro bus, paying for a taxi, etc.)

We do advise that:

  • Students have access to a vehicle during the semester in which they student teach.  Syracuse University’s policy regarding the use of personal vehicles is that they should be used only on a voluntary basis. 
  • The owners/drivers must provide their own insurance coverage; all student participants choosing to ride or transport others in a private automobile do so voluntarily and at their own risk. 
  • The University does not provide any insurance and does not assume any liability for students making their own transportation arrangements.                                                                                                    
  • Students opting to make their own arrangements are expected to assume financial responsibility for getting to and from their assigned school/agency.

If further questions regarding transportation options, contact one of the individuals listed below: