Syracuse University Intergroup Dialogue Program

Intergroup Dialogue academic courses were first developed as part of Syracuse University's participation in the Multiversity Intergroup Dialogue Research Project. The project brings together faculty, staff, and graduate students across nine institutions to develop best practices in intergroup dialogue, including the development and implementation of a shared curriculum. At the center of this collaboration is a research study that examines the educational benefits of student learning through intergroup dialogue. This research study is based on a multi-method, longitudinal, design.

The Intergroup Dialogue Program at Syracuse University remains deeply involved in the nexus of theory, research, and practice important for intergroup dialogue. Faculty, teaching, and research staff are familiar with and active in various expressions of social justice education. Collectively and individually, we are committed to research that develops an understanding of critical learning processes and change through education.

By dialogue, we mean a specific form of communication especially designed for people to communicate across social, cultural, and power differences. The goal in dialogue is to work towards understanding, not necessarily to reach agreement.

We seek to increase understanding of social identities in the context of systems of power and inequalities; to explore the impact at personal, interpersonal, community, cultural, institutional, and societal levels; and to practice dialogue skills toward identifying actions to address social justice issues.

Our offerings reflect Syracuse University’s emphasis on scholarship in action. The work crosses disciplinary, university, and community lines; and we are committed to connecting theory, research, and practice towards individual, educational, and social change.