Leading Through Inquiry, Inclusion, and Action
School of Education students and faculty


All of these projects are generously funded by the John Hussman Foundation.

The ICI is an active research institute, and the nation's leading resource for information about communication and inclusion for individuals who type to communicate. We conduct and disseminate cutting-edge research in addition to sharing the latest from scholars at other universities and research centers.

Past and current research topics, developed in consultation with scholars and practitioners around the globe, include:

  • Strategies for enabling individuals to become independent in their typing
  • Methods for confirming authorship of typed communication
  • Parent/family experiences with the method
  • The relationship between facilitated communication and speech development
  • Autobiographies of people with disabilities who use communicate through supported typing
  • Inclusive schooling and community living
  • Individuals who type to communicate in post-secondary settings
  • Sustainability of  support for supported typing in schools

ICI Connections

The ICI recently welcomed visiting scholar, Dr. Arunja Tuzzi, Associate Professor of Social Statistics at the University of Padua, Italy. Her main research interests concern: statistical analysis of textual data, content analysis, and text mining; statistical methods in evaluation; survey design and data collecting tools.

Click here for Dr. Tuzzi's public lecture materials