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 We Have a Lot of Offer: An Introduction to Facilitated Communication

This overview includes interview footage of Australian educator Rosemary Crossley and American educator Douglas Biklen, as well as the thoughts of parents, teachers, and individuals who use facilitated communication. The video includes background on the method, a rationale for why some people with disabilities are helped by this approach, suggestions for which individuals may find it useful, information on how to determine that the method is working, and a discussion of how to confirm that the words typed are those of the individual with the communication disability.

Useful For: learning about the method; making the decision to try FC.

 A Part of Our Life: Facilitated Communication with Pre-School Age Children

Filmed primarily at the Jowonio School in Syracuse New York, this video describes how to introduce facilitation to young children with various developmental disabilities. The classroom scenes all include children with and without disabilities. The video provides portraits of five children who use facilitated communication to express their thoughts and feelings.

Useful For: those people working with pre-schoolers; getting started; using FC at home at school.

 Facilitated Communication in the School Years

Filmed in elementary, middle and high schools, this video introduces the method and explores how students can be supported in regular classes to communicate and participate. Teachers explain how they adjust their teaching approaches to help students using facilitation to succeed in their classrooms. The video shows peers, parents and siblings, as well as teachers and teaching assistants facilitating. A school principal discusses how administrators can support implementation of facilitation in the school.

Useful For: those people working with school-aged children; getting started; using FC in school.

 A New Beginning: Facilitated Communication for Adults

This video features three adults, providing portraits of how they use facilitation in their daily lives in the community. The video briefly explains how to get started with facilitation, including some hints at working on independent typing, and how to support people using facilitation in different community settings. The title of this video, "A New Beginning," is how one of the three people featured describes the meaning of facilitation for her.

Useful For: those people working with adults; getting started; using FC in the community.

 Every Step of the Way: Toward Independent Communication

This is a training videotape and documentary of individuals working toward independent typing, demonstrating their progress and sharing their thoughts on what helps them succeed. Lucy Harrison and Larry Bissonnette each demonstrate how they can now type with just a supportive hand on the shoulder; Kelvin Washington shows a strategy for finding the initial minimal level of support a person needs to type; and Sharisa Kochmeister demonstrates that it is possible to progress from hand and wrist support to typing with no physical support at all.

Useful For: learning about independence, developing the goal of independence, working on independence.

 Facilitated Communication for Family and Friends

This video is based on the experiences of several families and friends. It describes how they got started, how they continue using facilitation, and the changes it has brought. It focuses on the impact of facilitation on family relationships and the opportunities it can provide for developing deeper personal friendships. Families describe how facilitated communication can cause roles to be redefined, routines to change, and inclusion to be broadened. Further, it demonstrates how facilitated communication can be a crucial element in people gaining greater self-determination.

Useful For: learning about the family perspective.