Summer Institute 2013 Schedule


ICI 2013 Summer Institute: Connection, Communication, and Creativity

The 2013 ICI Summer Institute:

The 2013 ICI Summer Institute: Connection, Communication, and Creativity was held Monday July 15 - Wednesday July 17, 2013 at the Syracuse University Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center. It was an educational and engaging journey, with workshops, presentations, panels for parents, FC users, educators, and more. We would like to thank all those who presented, assisted, trained and attended for helping to make this year's conference a success. Materials from selected workshops and presentations will be posted on our website shortly. Please check back soon for updates!

 Conference Highlights:

  • Keynotes from professor and blogger Ibby Grace, author Anne Donnellan, and a panel of filmmakers and film stars including Doug BiklenLarry BissonnetteJamie BurkeSue Rubin, and Tracy Thresher;

  • Workshops on creative expression, music, and movement;
  • Research presentations on lexical analysis, and message passing;
  • Hands-on skill building and training workshops;
  • Panels on FC users in schools, blogging, local advocacy, transitioning, and higher education;
  • Opportunities to meet new friends, learn, laugh, discuss, and more!