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The ICI has distinguished itself as a national and international leader in FC and AAC training and research, not only in traditional scholarly publications and books, but also through other media such as film, including the Academy Award nominated short documentary Autism is a World, Wretches & Jabberers and Stories from the Road, and other nationally syndicated films.

Sue Rubin, Jamie Burke, Tracy Thresher, Tyler Fihe, and Larry BissonnetteHere We Are World: A Conversation Among Friends
Join FC users as their conversation twists and turns from expressions of their “intelligence magnified,” to creating a rock-and-roll band, and finally to the suggestion that Larry should run for President! This exchange between friends and “idols” displays the presenters’ competence, their engagement in politics, and the respect they have for one another. This documentary short was filmed at the leadership panel of the 2008 FC Symposium in Whittier, CA. Featured presenters are: Tyler Fihe, Jamie Burke, Larry Bissonette, Sue Rubin, and Tracy Thresher. Prduced by Douglas Biklen and Nicole DeClouette (2009). Order Here We Are World from the ICI

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Cover of Autism is a WorldAutism Is A World
For 26 years, Sue Rubin has been on an extraordinary journey. Her unusual behavior led to a diagnosis of autism when she was four. She was believed to be retarded until age 13. But then a new communication technique, facilitated communication, gave Sue the ability to connect with the world. Now, she is a junior in college with a top IQ, a tireless disabled-rights activist, and an articulate guide into a complex disorder. The documentary film was nominated for an Academy Award. Directed by Gerardine Wurzburg (2004). Purchase Autistm is A World on Amazon

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Picture of Larry Bissonnette holding a photograph
My Classic Life as an Artist: A Portrait of Larry Bissonnette
Looking back on his years of living in a closed institution for people labeled mentally retarded, Vermont-based autistic artist Larry Bissonnette assesses this form of "apartheid" as "better for growing vegetables rather than people." This documentary is filled with Bissonnette's humorous yet poignant assessments of his life – growing up, his family, and creating art. Moving back and forth between speech, typing, and painting, Bissonnette's wit and insight punctuate a day in the life of this Outsider artist, and artfully illustrate the complexities of expression. Produced by Douglas Biklen and Zach Rosetti (2005). Order My Classic Life as an Artist from the ICI

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Cover of Kayla's Voice: Empowering People with AutismKayla's Voice: Empowering People with Autism
In this video Kayla and other individuals with autism who use facilitated communication share their stories. The message from these individuals is loud and clear—facilitated communication was integral in assisting them in breaking their silence. This is a great video for educators, school administrators, support staff, and parents. The video is a 2010 Telly Award Winner in the category of Social Issues and Education. Produced by New Ground Publishing Company (2010). Purchase Kayla's Voice on Amazon

Picture of Jamie Burke, narrator of inside the edge sitting on Concrete WallInside the Edge: A Journey to Using Speech Through Typing
This video documents a high school student’s emergence into speech: he can speak words as he types them and can read the texts he has written, and most recently is beginning to use longer sentences in spoken dialogue. The video includes clips of the student when he first learned to communicate through facilitation and shows his ability to now type without physical support. Jamie Burke, the subject of the video, wrote and speaks the entire narrative of the video. Produced by Christi Kasa-Hendrickson, Alicia Broderick, and Douglas Biklen. Directed by J. Gambell (2002). Order Inside the Edge from the ICI

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Picture of Samuel on trike with Mom following behind himIncluding Samuel
Dan Habib's documentary film Including Samuel examines the educational and social inclusion of youth with disabilities. The film is built on the efforts of Habib and his family to include Samuel, 8, in all facets of school and community. Including Samuel also features four other families with varied inclusion experiences, plus interviews with dozens of teachers, young people, parents and disability rights experts. Produced and Directed by Dan Habib (2008). Learn more and purchase Including Samuel

Cover of the film educating peterEducating Peter
In 1992, the Academy Award for best documentary short subject went to a film by producer/director Gerardine Wurzburg that followed a young boy with Down syndrome through third grade in a regular class in his Blacksburg, Va., elementary school. That documentary, Educating Peter, showed Peter, his classmates and his teacher struggling with the challenges posed by his disability. But it ended with both students and teacher testifying to their own growth as a result of Peter's inclusion in their class. Produced and Directed by Gerardine Wurzburg (1992). Purchase Educating Peter on Amazon

cover of the video regular livesRegular Lives
Allowing people with disabilities into regular schools, jobs and the community is known as mainstreaming. This successful approach is demonstrated in Regular Lives, narrated by Martin Sheen. The lives of children with disabilities are shared in activities with typical children playing and working together. The benefits to those with disabilities become immediately obvious. This program provides a model for parents, teachers, and communities interested in obstacles, strategies and goals of mainstreaming as a way to integrate people with disabilities into the ordinary routines of living. Produced by State of the Art, Inc. (1998).

I Write, So I Am Alive

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I Know Life

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Happy To Know New Things

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