The purpose of our partnership is to enhance the capacity of Kenyatta University in its teacher education programs that will result in improved preparation of secondary school teachers toward a quality education of the next generation of leaders in Kenya and provide Syracuse University with an exchange research opportunity.

Our goal is to build the capacity of the Kenyatta University teacher education academic and research programs that contributes to enhanced response to the needs of the education sector for quality teachers and educational programs in Kenya.

Our objectives for the first two years of our partnership are to

  1. strengthen the capacity of the KU teacher education faculty resulting in improved teacher preparation for the education sector in Kenya,
  2. strengthen the research capacity of the KU teacher education program resulting in improved knowledge that produces more effective education,
  3. enhance the KU teacher education program resulting in improved instructional capacity, and
  4. provide quality service to education stakeholders resulting in improved instruction in secondary schools in Kenya.

Along with these objectives, we have a long-term goal of developing and establishing a model for teacher preparation and education that we will share with other universities in Kenya and other East African countries. Parallel to all of these objectives is our goal of building awareness of issues and successful strategies related to capacity building at the departmental, institutional and national level among the SU faculty members and other partners through our collaborative activities.