Using Technology to Support Teacher and Student Conceptual Learning in Mathematics and Science

Through the Kenyatta University and Syracuse University Partnership, Kenyatta University has been awarded a grant from the HP Catalyst Initiative. As part of the HP Catalyst Initiative, the mathematics and science educators from the Department of Educational Communication and Technology at Kenyatta University are collaborating with colleagues from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at Kenyatta University and mathematics and science education colleagues from Syracuse University, California State University-Fullerton, and California State University-San Marcos to:

  • Support mathematics and science teachers in Kenya in integrating technology as a teaching and learning tool into their classrooms;
  • Support mathematics and science teachers in Kenya in developing deep and connected content and pedagogical content knowledge;
  • Build connections in Kenya between preservice teachers’ preparation and teachers’ work in schools allowing for coordinated monitoring of induction and professional development;

and to explore the following research question:

  • In what ways can technology support teachers in “unpacking” (Ball, Bass & Hill, 2004) mathematical and scientific knowledge for teaching?