M.S. in Social Studies Education Preparation (Grades 7-12)

Syracuse University's M.S. in Social Studies Education (Grades 7-12) prepares teachers for teaching diverse students in 21st century classrooms. This program exposes students to cutting-edge ideas in education courses taught by faculty specialists, with emphasis on actively engaging middle and high school students, working with struggling students, and serving diverse student populations.

Why Social Studies Education at Syracuse? If you:

  • Want to teach history or social studies in middle and high school settings.
  • Believe that it’s important to promote active learning and academic achievement of all students in inclusive environments.
  • Want to serve as a leader and advocate for students in schools, communities and your profession.
  • Have a background in social studies or history, and an interest and experience working with young people.
  • Want to meet the academic requirements for initial certification in New York State in Social Studies Education Grades 7-12.
  • Want to complete a master's degree in a calendar year of full-time study, or be completed on a part-time basis.

For students who already have initial certification to teach grades 7-12 Social Studies, the School of Education offers a program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Teaching and Curriculum. Students may have a concentration in social studies education through this program, which is designed to support professional development for teachers and to enhance understanding of the theories and practices associated with teaching.

Program Contacts:

Jeffery Mangram, Program Coordinator

Jeanne Schmidt

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