Required Courses (*includes field experience) 38 credits

  • EDU 508 - Student Teaching/Candidacy/Mathematics * (9 total credit)
  • EDU 606 - Understanding Learning and Teaching * (4 credit)
  • ELL 645 - Issues in Educating English Language Learners (3 credits)
  • RED 625 - Literacy Across the Curriculum * (4 credits)
  • SED 613 - Methods and Curriculum in Teaching/Mathematics (3 credits)
  • SED 616 - Assessment and Data-Driven Instruction/Mathematics (3 credits)
  • SPE 612 - Adapting Instruction for Diverse Student Needs (3 credits)
  • 2 Mathematics courses (6 total credits)
  • 1 Mathematics education course (3 credits)
  • Safe and Healthy Learning Environments (0 credits)

A written master’s degree intensive examination is also required. New York State Teacher certification has additional testing and other requirements.

Liberal Arts Course requirements

The requirements of this program include several undergraduate social science and distribution courses. It is not unusual that an applicant will have one or more of these courses left to take. These do not need to be completed before applying and may be taken at an institution other than Syracuse University. However, some of the courses need to be done before starting the graduate program, and all must be finished before a degree can be granted. We help prospective students identify appropriate courses.

Interested students should contact Marie Sarno, Program Specialist, as early as possible (including before applying) to have unofficial transcripts reviewed against the liberal arts requirements. This allows more time to enroll in needed courses.

Mathematics Content

  • An undergraduate major in mathematics, OR by the end of the master's program, a total of 36 credits of mathematics, including:
    • 12 credits of calculus
    • 3 credits of linear algebra
    • 3 credits of analysis

Distribution courses (one each, with no grade less than a C)

  • Writing (course or equivalent)
  • Natural Science
  • Humanities (other than history or arts related)
  • History
  • Social Science (other than history or psychology)
  • Artistic Expression (course or equivalent)
  • Language other than English including American Sign Language (successful completion of high school language Level 3 or higher may be substituted).

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