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M.S. in Inclusive Special Education: Severe/Multiple Disabilities

Program Overview

This program is right for you, if…

  • You have previously met the requirements for one of the New York State initial certificates for teaching students with disabilities (birth – grade 2; 1-6; 5-9; or 7-12 academic subjects or 7-12 generalist)
  • You wish to meet requirements for the New York State annotation in severe disabilities, while earning a master’s degree and meeting academic requirements for professional certification
  • You want a degree that builds on the long and distinguished traditions of inclusive education and disability studies of Syracuse University faculty
  • You want cutting-edge ideas delivered by faculty specialists in a carefully chosen sequence of courses  -- most offered in the late afternoon or summer
  • You would like to enter a master’s degree program with special emphasis on working in inclusive classrooms, serving diverse student populations, using technology, and achieving full professional practice as a teacher, researcher, and builder of practical theory
  • You want a 31-credit hour program that may be completed full-time in 12-16 months for those beginning in the summer or fall
  • Or, you want the option to study on a part-time basis at a research university
  • With full-time study (9 credits or more), you would like to take advantage of a 25% reduction in tuition with the High Needs Scholarship.

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Program Contacts

Gail Ensher, Program Coordinator
(315) 443-9650

Michelle Mondo

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