Research Requirements and Examinations

The Portfolio Review

Upon completion of 15 credits in the doctoral program beyond the master's degree, the student develops and displays a portfolio which evidences skill in writing and thinking, and the progress that has been achieved to-date. The portfolio is reviewed by student's advisor and at least one additional faculty member.

The Research Apprenticeship

With the guidance of an advisor, the student engages in research to experience the process first-hand. The student produces a publishable report of the experience at its conclusion.

The Qualifying Examination

At the completion of course work, the student's understanding of the fields of teaching and curriculum, research, and the selected specialization are assessed Successful completion of this exam admits the student to doctoral candidacy. The candidate has five years to complete the dissertation and all degree requirements.

The Dissertation

With the guidance of an advisor and committee, the candidate designs and carries out a comprehensive and original research study. The student presents the study in the form of a written dissertation and successfully defends it before an oral examining committee. Submission of the final approved dissertation leads to the awarding of the degree.