Ph.D. in Special Education

The Ph.D. in Special Education is for students who wish to pursue leadership positions in special education and related fields, including those seeking careers in higher education, as researchers, government/policy specialists, public and private agency/organization directors, program developers, or as special education consultants and advocates. The majority of our graduates secure tenure track faculty positions at colleges and universities.

Students in the Special Education Doctoral Program examine critical issues in the field in the broadest possible contexts. The program invites expansive thinking about important educational issues as well as in-depth study. At Syracuse University students and faculty engage in cutting edge research in inclusive education and policy.

Student choose a concentration in either Inclusive Education Studies or Disability Studies and Policy Studies, based on their experience, interests, and professional goals.

A Tradition of Innovation

Special Education doctoral studentsSyracuse University has a long tradition of leadership in the field of special education and is recognized nationally and internationally. SU offered one of the first comprehensive programs of its kind in the United States and continues to be recognized for its leadership and vision in inclusive education. Throughout its fifty-year history, faculty and students in the program have engaged in critically important educational issues and concerns. Syracuse was among the first universities to bring attention to the educational needs of students with disabilities and to effectively develop and refine assessment and educational strategies for diverse learners. Syracuse also led the way in deinstitutionalization policy, research and advocacy. Syracuse faculty and students continue this important legacy of promoting the rights of students with disabilities. In collaboration with area school districts, faculty and students have been instrumental in demonstrating ways of meaningfully integrating students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Program Contact

Beth Ferri, Program Coordinator

Cherri Wells

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