Ph.D in Science Education

The Ph.D. degree in science education offers candidates opportunities to undertake in-depth explorations of current research and theory in science teaching and learning across the spectrum of K-16 education. Earning the doctoral degree requires 90-credit hours beyond the bachelor’s degree. Doctoral candidates complete a core of educational research methods courses and specialized science education courses in learning theory, instructional design, pedagogy, curriculum design, and assessment. Students are required to complete significant coursework in one or more core science disciplines as part of the program of study. Each candidate must successfully write and defend a doctoral thesis that is based on original research and develops or extends the knowledge base in science education.

What can you do with degree?

This program prepares individuals to conduct science education research, teach science pedagogy and curriculum design, and create professional development programs for K-16 education. Graduates of the doctoral program in science education pursue a wide range of career paths, assuming K-12 faculty positions, joining teacher education faculties at major research universities or teacher preparation colleges, or combining K-12 and higher education faculty positions. The doctorate in science education is a highly respected credential for positions in school district administration.

As a graduate of a university that emphasizes research and other forms of scholarly inquiry, you should be able to demonstrate your competence in research methods appropriate to your career path and exhibit functional familiarity with other commonly used research methodologies. Ph.D. students are required to take at least 12 hours of research methodology courses. The assumption is made that those studying for the Ph.D. will seek positions in research universities where they will be expected both to engage in their own research and/or other forms of scholarly inquiry as well as serve on the committees of students doing dissertations.

A Ph.D. program in College Science Teaching is also offered through the College of Arts & Sciences.

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Sharon Dotger, Program Coordinator

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