Teaching and Leadership

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The Department of Teaching and Leadership (T&L) centers on innovative and inclusive education that ensures all children are welcomed into the general education classroom, particularly in urban and high needs settings. We take seriously the reality that children learn differently, so our teacher preparation students learn to develop lessons, teaching strategies, and assessment of student learning that accommodate those differences so that children can access the curriculum and show their knowledge in different ways. T&L is committed to developing knowledgeable, innovative, thoughtful, caring, and professional educators and leaders who welcome the challenges of figuring out how to meet each individual child’s needs.

In The Field

The hours that our students spend in practicum work in the schools exceeds state standards by well over 100%. Students feel well prepared for student teaching and their first job, often expressing excitement about having their own classrooms in which to put theory into practice, be innovative, thoughtful, caring, and in which to raise expectations for all learners. Teacher preparation students benefit from an array of partnerships with urban and suburban school districts, community centers, and other organizations.

World Class Faculty

Our faculty members are prominent leaders in their fields. They author the texts used at competing universities. Continually writing and doing research, they bring the latest findings in the field into the university classroom. A large number also are quite active in creating innovative and inclusive learning environments in urban settings, embodying Syracuse University’s challenge to its professors to put their scholarship in action. Our faculty have chosen Syracuse University because they are committed to classroom teaching, to advising and mentoring, and to putting into the field the next generation of outstanding teachers and leaders.

Featured Project

Professor Sharon Dotger partnered with the OCM BOCES Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning for an "It's Go Time! Science for All" live science lesson study program for over 100 teachers in the area.