What will I study?

The master’s degree in Teaching English Language Learners has 2 strands, one for those already holding initial New York State certification and the other for those with a bachelor's degree but no certification.

Required Courses

Students in both strand will take the following courses:

  • ELL 615 - Linguistics for Teachers of English Language Learners
  • ELL 625 - Methods of Teaching Literacy to English Language learners
    (includes 25 hours of fieldwork in a PreK-6 setting)
  • RED 626 - Early Intervention for Children's Reading Problems
  • ELL 635 - Methods of Literacy Across the Curriculum for English Language Learners
    25 hours of fieldwork in a 7-12 setting)
  • ELL 645 - Issues in Educating English Language Learners
  • ELL 655 - Educating English Language Learners Practicum and Capstone Seminar (a minimum of 20 days student teaching in an ESL classroom)
  • LIN 591 - Second Language Acquisition
  • LIN 601 - Introductory Linguistics Analysis
  • RED 607 - Issues in Multicultural Literacies

Students without current NYS certification (in the 40 credit strand) will take these additional course:

  • EDU 508 - Student Teaching/ ESOL 3
    (one semester of daily work in schools)
  • EDU 606 - Understanding Learning and Teaching
    (30 hours of field experience)
  • SPE 612 - Adapting Instruction for Diverse Learning Needs
    (15 hours)

Required Seminars

To be eligible for these New York State teacher certifications, students in the Teaching English Language Learners programs must complete or have completed training in:

  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Child Abduction Prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Fire and Arson Prevention
  • Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Abuse
  • Highway Safety
  • Dignity for All Students Act

These requirements can be met through a 0-credit course offered through the School of Education. Students must complete this requirement prior to their first student teaching experience.