The Master's Degree in Higher Education requires 36 credit hours, although we encourage students to complete 42 credits as recommended by the Council for the Advancement of Standards (whose guidelines shape the master's program curriculum):

  • Required courses (listed below)
  • One counseling course
  • A minimum of one elective (one elective MUST focus exclusively on issues of diversity)
  • CAS Standards for Graduate Preparation in Student Affairs
    • Requires 2 practicum/internships with seminar
    • Requires a minimum of a 2-year graduate experience and 42 credit hours

The core requirements for both part-time and full-time students include:

  • HED 605 - American Colleges and Universities
  • HED 611 - Lab in Learning Communities
  • HED 616 - Understanding Educational Research
  • HED 621 - Principles & Practices of Student Affairs Administration
  • HED 664 - Principles & Practices of HED Administration
  • HED 712 - Research on the College Student
  • HED 721 - College Student Development
  • HED 755 - Legal Issues in Higher Education

Sampling of Acceptable Electives

  • CFE/HED 725 - Gender & Race in 20th C. Higher Education
  • CFE/HED 700 - Disability in Higher Education
  • HED 761 - Organization and Administration
  • CFE 600 - Race, Power, and Politics
  • CFE 640 - Inequality and Intergroup Relations in Education
  • CFE 776 - Gender, Education and Culture
  • Multicultural counseling
  • Public Policy and Higher Education

Practicums and Internships

We use the terms practicum and internship synonymously. Opportunities can be pursued at Syracuse University or at other higher education institutions such as community colleges, private liberal arts colleges, and state universities. This experience provides students an opportunity to apply their classroom learning to realwork situations. Each practicum accounts for 3 credit
hours. To strengthen their experience, students also participate in a biweekly seminar with the practicum coordinator and other practicum students.