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Higher Education

What Makes the Higher Education Department Unique?

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What we do

The Higher Education Department at SU prepares master and doctoral students to be active participants in the enhancement of learning, development, and achievement of all college students. While enrolled in our preparatory Master’s program, students are educated and trained to become effective higher education professionals across institutional types. At the doctoral level, we prepare students to become theorists, researchers, and administrators who have lasting impacts on institutional efforts to enhance education. We envision all of our students becoming collaborators who work effectively on behalf of students with others across campus and beyond.

Explore our Graduate Programs

Master's of Science in Higher Education

Doctorate of Philosophy in Higher Education

Meet our Faculty and Current Students

  • Our department houses a diverse group of active and collaborative faculty members who push their students to strive for excellence. Learn about each of them here.
  • Students in Higher Ed. come from a range of backgrounds and areas of interest. Learn about some of our current students here.

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