Careers and Resources

The Department is dedicated to the preparation of its students for future careers in Higher Education. We provide a series of professional/career development opportunities for our second year masters students in anticipation of the job search so students feel prepared and supported, and understand how to conduct an ethical and successful job search. Workshops cover resume/cover letter review, skills assessment, conference preparation, and mock interviews.

There are a variety of professional organizations and resources that you should access as one think about one's career.

National Organizations

News/Journal Sites

Job Search Resources

Additional Resources

Graduate Assistantships for 2015-2016

Please make sure to read through position description(s) for graduate sssistantships and send all appropriate information to the address listed. The deadlines to apply vary, although most interviews will take place in mid-March. Some phone interviews and alternative dates for interviews may be arranged through the office offering the position.

There are many assistantship positions offered through the Division of Student Affairs at SU. Position listings for the next academic year are posted on the Human Resource website starting in January. If you are interested in an assistantship offered through the Division of Student Affairs, please go to Syracuse University Job Opps and search for positions by job category "Graduate/Research/Teaching Assistant." The deadline to apply for GA positions through the Division of Student Affairs is February 1st and interviews will take place in the beginning of March. Prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the Division of Student Affairs for more information and the application process for graduate student positions within various units in the Division.

The Higher Education Program will maintain a listing of various other positions available on campus and at neighboring institutions. The Department will send you this information over email via our Assistantship Listserv (which you will be added to once we receive your application).

Doctoral applicants should contact the Higher Education department to discuss departmental GA opportunities that are only available to doctoral students for the academic year.

Should one have any questions about the assistantship process, feel free to contact the Patti Gavigan at (315) 443-4763 or