Department Research

The Exercise Science Department research effort centers on the investigation of health related aspects of exercise. Department faculty research is integrative and allows for study at the cellular, tissue, and whole organism level. General research interests of faculty in the Exercise Science Department include:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects of exercise
  • Effect of gene and environmental interactions on human athletic ability, health and disease
  • Skeletal muscle adaptations to disuse and aging
  • Obesity and Diabetes
  • Physical activity promotion for individuals with disabilities and their families (Kinesiology for Individuals with Disabilities)

The Exercise Science Department also collaborates with the SUNY Upstate Medical University. Collaborative research, clinical and educational opportunities are available for our students through SUNY UMU as well. The Institute for Human Performance, part of the SUNY UMU campus, is a 40,000 square foot facility of dedicated laboratory space for research in Human Performance. The Exercise Science Department shares some research space in the IHP and collaborates on several research projects. Considering the joint faculty expertise and the available facilities, in the Exercise Science Department at Syracuse University, and at SUNY Upstate Medical University, the possibilities for students to pursue high quality, innovative work in applied exercise physiology are limited only by one's own imagination!

Graduate Research

Graduate students in Exercise Science are encouraged to become involved in the research process by participating as part of a team on various projects during their first semester on campus. Both M.S. and Ph.D. students also direct their own projects after their first year. Graduate student research in the department is of exceptional quality and the students publish their papers in professional journals. Many students have also received grant support for their research.