Focus Areas

All Selected Studies in Education students will choose one of five focus areas that will make up 18 credits (6 courses) of their program. Information on each concentration includes possible careers and further study, and suggested majors, minors, and concentrations that will help fulfill the SSE Liberal Arts Requirement.

*These focus areas have a Master's of Science fast-track option for students who would like to begin taking graduate level courses during their senior year and enter a Master's program after completing their undergraduate degree.

Cultural Foundations of American Schooling: Schooling & Diversity

This focus is for students who are interested in:

  • Seeking a teaching career at a future point
  • Working with youth in non-school settings
  • Educational media
  • Public policy that focuses on public schooling

Suggested minors or double majors include Disability Studies, History, Religion, LGBT Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies,.

Education, Technology, & Media

Students learn media literacy skills and gain an understanding of how popular culture influences the promotion and transmission of cultural values within our society.

This focus is for students interested in:

  • Educational uses of technology
  • Popular culture
  • Media production
  • Integration of media and technology in various learning contexts.

Suggested minors and double majors include Computer Gaming, Computer Science, Information Management and Technology, International Business, Management, and Public Communications. This program can also be used towards the "Master's fast-track in Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation.

Physical Activity: Sport, Coaching & Recreation

This focus is for students who are interested in:

  • Coaching athletes with and without disabilities in college, high school, or youth settings
  • Officiating sports
  • Becoming a personal trainer
  • Strength and conditioning coaching
  • Becoming a group exercise leader;
  • Teaching/coaching youth sports and fitness in non-school settings such as YMCA/YWCA’s, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, and private and public sport/recreational facilities
  • Becoming a sport or fitness entrepreneur
  • Teaching at a future point

Focuses can be fine-tuned into a concentration in Focus on Youth, Focus on Adults and Aging, Focus on Physical Activity Business/Entrepreneur, or Focus on Sports and Coaching.

Learn more about the Physical Activity: Sport, Coaching & Recreation concentration

Post-Secondary & Human Services Fields

Whether students are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in a human services field or in seeking employment immediately after undergraduate studies, this focus area will provide an introduction to the general study and provision of human and social services to individuals, families, and communities in public and private human service agencies and organizations. The focus provides a strong foundation for graduate work in such fields as counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, psychology, and higher education.

This focus is for students interested in working in a variety of educational settings, including higher education, international education, and as non-teaching personnel in primary and secondary schools.

Suggested minors and double majors include Addiction Studies, Child and Family Studies, Disability Studies, Gerontology, Health and Wellness, LGBT Studies, Nutrition, Public Health, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, and Women's and Gender Studies. This program can also be used towards the "Master's fast track" in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, or Student Affairs Counseling.

Pre-Teaching: Study of Teaching, Learning & Inclusion

Courses in this focus area may include the study of early childhood, elementary, or secondary education, as well as issues of diversity, disability, regular education, special education, and inclusion within schools. Students in this focus area will have significant experiences in public schools during the course of study. Students interested in pre-teaching may want to consider taking relevant courses from other focus areas.

This focus is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in teaching after completing their undergraduate program.

Suggested minors and double majors include Child and Family Studies, Communication Science & Disorders, Disability Studies, History, Policy Studies, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, and Women's and Gender Studies.