B.S. in Selected Studies in Education

The Bachelor of Science in Selected Studies in Education (SSE) is the ideal major for students who are interested in exploring educational issues and pursuing careers related to education. This program is designed for students committed to having a role in social change through creative action in a variety of fields and disciplines.

SSE has five focus areas that students can choose from:

SSE is not tied to a state certification program, which gives students the flexibility of studying and exploring a wide breadth of education related topics without having to follow a teacher certification track. Although our students are not pursuing an education related certificate, the SSE major does keep a certification career pathway open by facilitating entrance into a variety of programs offering master’s degrees in K-12 teaching.

This multidisciplinary program is unique because it is tailored to every student’s individual interests and aspirations and prepares students for a variety of positions both inside and outside educational institutions. SSE students may pursue careers in

  • Government agencies
  • Religious organizations
  • Foundations
  • Business and industry
  • Private, Early Childhood, or Higher Education.

Program Contact

Barbara Applebaum, Program Coordinator