Mariko Sadagursky

Mariko Sadagursky

Inclusive Elementary and Special Education '16

Hometown: Wayland, MA

What made you choose the Syracuse University School of Education?
When I first came to visit Syracuse, the person I spoke to about the education program was just so enthusiastic about it that it made a real impression on me. I chose the School of Education because of its dedication to really change the way teachers behave and teach in the classroom, and the dedication of getting schools around the world to be all inclusive. I also chose this school because I love that we get to start going to placements (going into elementary schools) our freshman year. It gives us the opportunity to see if this career is really for us.

What do you like about being a School of Education Peer Adviser?
I like being a School of Education Peer Advisor because it gives me a chance to talk to incoming freshmen about our program in a candid way. I like being able to be there for someone if they ever do need someone to talk to or ask questions.

What other activities or organizations are you involved in on campus or in the community?
I am on the Syracuse Orange Bhangra dance team. Bhangra is a fun and lively dance that originated in Punjab, India.

What do you hope to do after you complete your degree at the School of Education?
I hope to get a job in either New York or Massachusetts (I haven't decided yet) and/or go to school for a Master’s degree.

What has been your most memorable class/learning experience in the School of Education?
I found that EDU 310 (The American School) was extremely interesting. It opened my eyes to how much schools have changed since schools were made, and how much more growing and changing we still need to do to make education the experience it should be.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?
My favorite spot on campus is the quad because it is so nice to just sit there (when the weather is actually nice enough to do this...) and hang out.

How have you changed during your time at Syracuse University?
I have definitely grown more confident here, and more willing to take chances.

What advice would you give to high school students making decisions about where to go to college and what to study?
I would tell high school students to definitely visit the school. That really changed what I thought about certain universities and specific programs. I would also say take your time deciding what you want to study. You have time, and you can always change. You do not want to be stuck doing something as a career that will end up making you unhappy.