Binh Huynh

Binh HuynhPh.D. in Cultural Foundations of Education

Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Education: Syracuse University

What are your research interests? Why?
I am very interested in the rhetoric and organization of social movement groups as well as the experiences, particular the transition and orientation, of Asian-American students in college. While both are seemingly different research areas, both deal with communities and their mobility.

Why did you choose Syracuse University?
It was the place I chose to do my undergraduate work. It was the first place to hire me as a young professional. It was the place where I met my wife and established a tremendous community. Syracuse has been an incredible place for me and I couldn't imagine a better place to pursue my PhD work.

What other professional, TA, GA, or community activities are you involved in?
I am a graduate assistant in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Syracuse